Smart home products for villas and foreign residences

1. Overview

 Spectrum technology will release today about " Smart home products for villas and foreign residences~ Multi-language, multi-nation and manage multi-home with one application: Monthly cost free ~ "

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2. Contents


 Spectrum Technology Co., Ltd. will begin selling smart home products (hereafter this product) for villas and foreign residences from September 7. This product sells smart home products that provide home security, etc. for Niseko town in Hokkaido, Hakuba village in Nagano prefecture such as a villa owned by a foreigner in Japan. This products provide Multi-language application (Japanese, English, Chinese etc.) and distribute 50 countries by Wulian smart home products which have been introduced to 1 million households overseas. It is very convenient that you can manage a country with a home, a villa ground, multiple homes with one application. Detection of intrusions by suspicious, locking situation, home appliance remote control and automatic control, camera confirmation become possible.(See Figure1)

 Also, if you are a Japanese customer and you have multiple homes (single assignment, nursing care for the elderly, villa), you can also use those who transfer overseas. Monthly cost is free. Multi-language and multi-nation smart home products are the first in the industry.

1. Features

A) Multi-language, multi-national, multiple housing management

Multi-language application (Japanese, English, Chinese etc.), multi-national distribution (50 countries (*1)). You can manage a home residence, a villa , multiple homes with one app. It is also possible to share it with your family.

B) Visualize housing with smart home application

We check and notify the situation of home by camera and sensor. Intrusion detection of suspicious, confirmation by camera, recording, threatening by sound are available.

C) Automatically control for home appliances (TV, air conditioner, lighting)

Automatically turn on/off home appliances (TV, air conditioner, lighting) by infrared transmitter with learning function. This infrared transmitter is also possible using the My Rule function and supports all manufacture appliances.

D) Amazon Echo support (multi-language)

Smart home products support Amazon echo which voice control is possible. Especially, it works multi-language (Japanese, English), and this is first scene usage in smart home products

E) Customer support

It supports by Line @, mail, telephone and so on. We will also respond in English.

(*1) Asia (Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, India etc.), Oceania (Australia, New Zealand), Middle East (Iran, Israel, Saudi, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Turkey etc.), Europe (France, UK , Germany, Russia, etc.), Africa (Egypt, Nigeria), North America (USA, Mexico), Latin America (Panama, Peru, Brazil, Chile etc.)

2. Price (excluding tax)

About 50,000 yen as a standard set of gateway x1, infrared sensor x1, door sensor x1, infrared transmitter x1, temperature sensor x1.

Others are available for leakage sensor, emergency button, IP camera, smoke sensor, gas sensor, PM 2.5 sensor, door phone, curtain motor etc.

Including those planned to be provided in the future. For installation, we will coordinate for your request.

3. Recommended Customers

· People who have a villa

· For foreigners residing in Japan

· People who have multiple homes

· People who want to go overseas

4. What you need to prepare

· Internet line (LAN connection), AC 100 V power supply (gateway, IP camera).

· Smartphone (ios, Android)

· E-mail address for account registration

· Infrared remote controller (TV, lighting, air conditioner etc.)

· Amazon echo (AI speaker): option

5. Function

· Intrusion detection of suspicious

· Confirmation, recording, threatening by sound using camera

· Automatically control home appliances (lighting, air conditioner, television)

· Remote control of home appliances (TV, lighting, air conditioner).

· Multiple homes can be managed with one application, switching over from gateway

-family sharing is also possible.

· You can experience voice control by Amazon echo.

6. Selling date

From September 7th, 2018

7. Delivery date

We will deliver it in about a week.

8. Sales Area

For nationwide in Japan, In case of overseas, we will coordinate related distributors.

9. About the Wulian group

Wulian Group, founded in 2002, manufactures products using Zigbee technology, has already sold smart home products such as gateway, sensors, security equipment, applications, etc. to 1 million households in 50 countries. We provide excellent unified design by one manufacturer, 200 kinds of abundant product group and products which do not choose communication carrier. In addition, they lead the industry as a board member of the Zigbee Alliance and has acquired numerous patents.

Nanjing IoT Sensor Technology co., Ltd

Location: No. 12, Mozhou East Road, Nanjing, China

Homepage: http: //

10. About Spectrum Technology

Spectrum Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in field survey and troubleshooting such as Zigbee, WiFi, Wi-SUN etc. as a specialized wireless research company, and has advantages in Zigbee's protocol analysis and interference survey, among others. This time, we signed a contract to smoothly introduce Zigbee products used by the Wulian group into Japan.

Spectrum Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: 1-16-1308 Moriyuki-cho, Tokorozawa, Saitama

Homepage: https: //

11. Contacts

Company name: Spectrum Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Masahiko Murakami

Phone number: +81-4-2990-8881



Figure 1: Smart home products for villas and foreign residences


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